The namesake film was not actually Lil' Balzac's first screen appearance. In 2015 he was spotted in the audience of Austin Rice's comedy short 'Spontaneous Standup'. Perhaps recognizing a kindred spirit, he seemed to enjoy the comedian's set more than anyone else. 

Spontaneous Standup

In 2016, the loutish dandy featured in Austin & Angus' short 'Theater Etiquette' film for the Latchis bore a strong resemblance. Perhaps an ancestor? 

If you look closely, you may find that most of the cast looks quite familiar:

Latchis Theatre Etiquette

Here is a short gag reel for Lil' Balzac. Briefly visible is the original off-the-shelf chicken suit that was used for the original filming period, before construction of the eventual more impressive one. 

Lil' Balzac - Gag Reel

During Covid, Austin and Angus produced a short film based on the short story "Open the Package, Denise" by local author Erica Walch. Josh Cunningham (The Wiz) has a supporting role. Additionally, there is a brief appearance by a certain stoner, as well as an even briefer appearance by Alex Passino as a (non-Balzac) delighted sludge consumer:

Open the Package, Denise