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Lil' Balzac is a soon-to-be-up-and-coming rapper in Brattleboro, Vermont, who will make some very poor decisions in his quest to produce his debut with legendary music producer Sly Marv. 


Directed by Austin Rice

Produced & Edited by Angus Kittler Reid & Austin Rice

Written by Austin Rice & Alexander Passino

Director of Photography and Visual FX: Angus Kittler Reid

Music by Jan van Oene with Evan Lincoln & Maechyl Lloyd

Boom Operator & Production Assistant: Dagan Selbach-Broad

Makeup: Will René

Animation by Steff Egan

Poster Art by Wyatt Kail


Alexander Passino as Lil' Balzac

Jan van Oene as Scuggs

Joshua Cunningham as The Wiz

Maechyl Lloyd as Sly Marv

and with:

Joel Kaemmerlen as Phil the DJ

Keely Eastley as The Librarian

David Lloyd as Dr. Bob Maloney

Hunter Nichols as The Bouncer

Teo Radev as Bruce Bonebreak

Darren Goldsmith as The Fight Announcer

Zeke Fitzgerald as The Skateboarder

Gerrit van Oene as the German Broom-Wielder

Nathan and Lynda Gundry as the Hose-Sprayers


"Last night I spent 28 minutes in the company of the sort of person I would normally cross the street to avoid"

The Producer's Father

"I think it's a quite well-made example of whatever it is"

The Director's Father

"It's not really appropriate for our film festival. Don't waste your time submitting it."

Representative of the Brattleboro Film Festival

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