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Online Release Friday, January 27th, 9pm
and on Brattleboro Community TV


Alexander Passino as Lil' Balzac
Gershon Eigner as The Boss
Cameron Lloyd as Florida
Cyndi Cain as Lock
Jan van Oene as Scuggs
Harral Hamilton as The Drunk

Produced and Directed by
Austin Rice & Angus Reid

Makeup by Mikal van Oene
Production Crew:
Helena Leschuk & 
Galen Robinson

Original Score by Noah Smith

With songs by Evan Lincoln, Matt McAvoy, & Maechyl Lloyd


group by hut.jpg

The long-awaited sequel to "Lil' Balzac" made its debut at the historic Latchis Theater in Brattleboro, VT, this summer! 

scuggs garage balzac scream.jpg

After the enthusiastic reception of the first Lil' Balzac, plans for a follow-up film began in June of 2018.

Angus and Austin filming at hut.jpg

Filming commenced in late September, and the bulk of filming was done in October and November, with further shooting the following spring, and reshoots and pickups trickling in over the next months and years. 

scuggs garage bts with jib.jpg

Local actors from Brattleboro and Greenfield, MA joined returning stars Alex Passino and Jan van Oene for a sprawling caper story of big-city crime come to small-town Vermont.

bank alley group bts.jpg

Filming took place all over Brattleboro, featuring many familiar streets, businesses, and landmarks. 

alley bts with Dagen.jpg

Almost three years of post-production followed, which included an original score by expat Brattleboro native Noah Smith, who was amazingly discovered after an extensive online search of film composers across the country, his local roots only being learned of after he was hired. 

Set Photography by Galen Robinson

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